c1Plan your structure

After completing the main research, the writing begins. However, before starting this process, it is desirable to have a plan of the future structure of an coursework. Especially this is important for coursework, which take form of an extended essay, usually English, Literature and related subjects. For science projects and experiments it might look a bit different, but the idea to plan to the order of presenting the information is the same. Particularly it is important for big projects, where a student has to operate with a lot of information.

Writing up your project

It would be necessary to develop your writing skills in order to write a good coursework. In particular, it will be essential for extended essay coursework type. For science coursework, writing the project involves data analysis, as it is needed to interpret the results of an experiment and work the notes into formal scientific language. If you think who will do my accounting homework for money, make sure you know all the terms and formulas.

It is said that writing any paper in a quiet place is much more effective since you will not be distracted, which may lead you to making careless errors. Noise distractions are very irritating during exams, that is why coursework should be treated with the same attitude.

Supporting materials and images

For some subjects, such as Geography, Math, Physics or other science projects, it will be appropriate to include images, tables, graphs, charts and related into your coursework. For instance, Geography coursework may include some extra material like annotated images and maps of the site you’re talking about, as well as tables, graphs and charts. An appendix could detail your raw data; for example, if your coursework focused on the results of a particular survey, you could put the survey responses in an appendix and provide analysis and summary in the main body of the coursework.

Footnotes and bibliography

Bibliography is a vital part of your coursework, and that is why it should not be left to the last minute.
It is important to use your own words in any of your paper to make sure no plagiarism will be detected. However, as in any academic writing, it is still acceptable to quote from other sources. In these cases always remember to state where the source is from and use the quotation marks to confirm that it is a quote from some different work.

The best option of citing another work is to use footnotes. Word processor would allow you to insert one automatically. In this case it puts a little number at the end of the sentence and another in the footer of the document, where you should put the name of the author and his work, as well as the page of that work, where the quote can be found.

After the conclusion at the end of your course work, include a bibliography that will represent a list of every external source you have used while writing your coursework. The general format includes the following:

Author Surname, Initials. (Issue/Volume, Date) – Title of Book, page number

More specific rules depend on the format that is required. The most common are MLA and APA. Your teacher will guide you on this matter.

In university students are expected to use footnotes and bibliographies in all assignments, that is why it would be a good habit to learn how to do it right and coursework would give you a good practice.

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